Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold weather motorcycle riding???

On my ride to work the other day the temperature was some where in the low 30’s. I kept thinking to myself, why am I not cold? This went over and over in my mind, why am I not freezing? Then when I get to work,  I see everyone (car & truck people) running for what it looks like…their lives.

To get from their auto’s to the warmth of the building. Oh yea, I left out the part where they are screaming at me things like your crazy, it’s too cold to ride.

I have to wonder, what is it that keeps bikers warm…

Is it the adrenalin?

The motor producing heat?

Body goes numb?

The love of riding?

What is it, sure we have all been cold at one time or another while riding on longer trips,  but think about it…if you take your car somewhere in 30 degree weather you will find yourself almost dashing to the car, turning on the heater full blast and praying for heater gods

to heat the car up fast. Then once you reach your destination, you jump out, zip up your jacket tight and do the fast walk to the building you are going to. If you are on a bike, sure you may feel the first shock of the cold wind hitting your face but it seems only seconds later, you feel fine and having a great time even knowing with the wind chill it's got to be around 0 degrees.

So I ask you fellow bikers, what is it that keeps us from freezing? I need your help on this one.

Big Al


Fiddle Mike said...

I keep from freezing by living in a place that rarely freezes. Engine heat blowing over proper clothing helps keep me from suffering from exposure.
The joy of being on my scoot raises the ambient temperature by ten degrees.

Charlie6 said...

Hello Big Al and thanks for visiting my blog: here's my thoughts on cold weather riding: Riding in Colorado's recent cold weather



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