Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dude…Where’s my motorcycle?

Friday December 10, 2010

Woke up this morning the birds were singing,

the sun was rising

and best of all the little wife was not yelling at me for any reason.

Ha-ha. She even got up early and cooked me a big breakfast before work.

Wow, what more could a guy want (ok there is that, but I keep this site PG-13, sorry no details on that)

Anyway back to my story. After breakfast, we had brief discussion on world events and up and coming Christmas, and then she went to get ready for work while I updated my blog. I then got dressed and went back into the den to get my boots on, as my wife went outside to the garage…THAT’S WHEN I GOT THE CALL!!!

I saw my wife pulling out of the driveway in her car… I felt my cell phone vibrate then ring, it was her. I found this to be a little strange…then those words that will make even the most hardcore biker shake in their boots…


I have to admit my heart sank, my hands shook and my breathing deepen.

My first thought was some Nar-do-Wellers had stopped by during the night and took it.

Second thought…repo man (I watch to much TV) I’d never let my baby get behind in payments.

Third thought…the little wife had gone blind and just did not see it.

Then it hit me like a TON OF BRICKS!!!

I had moved it to the motorcycle shop the night before on the other side of her car to install a new seat. Crisis avoided, the bike was safe and sound just in a lot of pieces…let me explain, one of my bosses,Rick, has a 2008 Yamaha just like mine except with a larger motor, I think it is a 1700, mines a 1100 v-star. Anyway he had bought a new seat for his (mustang seat) and he gave me his driver backrest (old man seat as I like to call it)

to see if it would fit mine. I was planning on doing a most excellent post about the installation of the backrest on my bike, but to my dismay the backrest would not fit,

of course I found this out after I had taken everything off my bike…well no harm done, I’ll put it back together to night.

Till next time, ride safe and put some clothing on…IT’S COLD OUT THERE!!!
Big Al

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