Saturday, August 1, 2009

Showing my Redneck Side "GUN SHOW"

Saturday with nothing to do (nothing fun anyway) the sky was black in some spots with rain clouds, so bike riding was out. What to do…what to do. Then I remembered the gun show was in town.

So off I went in my trusty 1999 Ford F-150,

The gun show is only a few miles from my house…so in fifteen minutes I was at the front door with

six dollars in hand for admission. Once through the door , you are greeted by two law enforcement officers that check all guns carried into the show…for you guys and girls not in the know, gun shows are huge in the south. The shows are set up to buy and trade guns, knives and other guy stuff. So it's not uncommon for people walking in carrying many guns strapped to their body’s to trade and sale…and yea there is always a few nuts that dress in full camouflage with machine guns,
knives and things you can’t even imagine strapped to them (I guess trying to look hardcore). My friends an I usually just laugh at them as the walk by. Ha-ha…don’t get me wrong I’m all for the right to carry guns but come on guysssss….
I took a of photo of the arena so you could get an idea of how big this show is…VERY LARGE.

As you walk around from table to table you will find anything you want gun and knife related, there is even jewelry

There are books….hmmm looks like some light reading…remember folks it a gun show...ha-ha.

Knives and swords of all kinds…

You can also buy used stuff from wars of the passed (yea that a old gas mask….they have new ones too)

All kinds of ammo and brass for you re-loaders out there.

Fifty round and 100 round drum clips for your machine guns

Brass knuckles and throwing stars… funny, brass knuckles are sold as paper weights…RIGHT…RIGHT…wink, wink

Pistols of every caliber and size…

Machine guns, some fully automatic…

Let’s not forget the night vision.

Then they also sell basic shotguns and rifles…

Yep that’s hand grenades…minus the firing pin and power (funny part if you look hard you can find the pins and powder at the other table.) Always a way around the law. Ha-ha…God Bless America.

Hope this sheds some light on the working of gun you guys and girls that have not been to one…check out the next show in your hometown…trust me you will never know what you will find. I’ve been buying and selling guns at these shows for years…love them.
Big Al


MeanDonnaJean said...

Ah, those kinda toys!; a Smith 'n Wesson 9mm semi; Bauer 25 auto 'n of course, my very first toy which was a nice ol' double barrel shotgun, the name of which completely escapes me.

NY is a real bitch tho when it comes to guns 'n their laws.

Dunno WHY stupid ME ever left helmet law, less restrictive gun laws, 'n havin' a bro who happens to be a cop is a HUGE plus for someone like ME!

*Fitcetera* said...

I'm Canadian. Hold me.

Anna said...

Awesome! We have a local sportsman show that my husband goes to every year. He loves watching the dog jumping competition.

the rider said...

Fantastic gun show! Guns are a big part of South African life, and death unfortunately with many unlicensed guns in the wrong hands. I only have one at the moment, a stainless steel .38 special snub nose because it's easy to carry concealed. Great stuff.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Nice pics!!! That just made up my mind. I am going to the next one here. Haven't been to one in over 20 years.

B.B. said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing, I may need to check out a gun show sometime.

Anonymous said...




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