Sunday, August 9, 2009

Greenville Mississippi motorcycle ride.

Here is the Greenville trip I promised you a few post back…just a little refresher…my son Myles

was playing baseball for the state championship so I decided to ride my bike to the game (its around 250 miles from my house) and meet up with the rest of the family once I got there. I left thirty minutes before the rest of the family, I need gas; I filled up just as I left town and stopped in Jackson to refuel again. While filling the tank I called my wife and found out they were only minutes away, so I waited to follow them to Greenville. The trip to Greenville was pretty much uneventful we made it to the Hampton Inn

and checked in with no problem. We had a great time at the games Friday and Saturday…the boys came in second.

Truth is I never had time to go for a motorcycle ride the entire time I was there my bike never moved once until it was time to leave Sunday.
I got up early due to a small threat of rain in the afternoon. As I was getting on my bike I noticed something shiny on my bike seat…it turned out to be a quarter.

Hmmm how did that get there…I have my suspicions…so in case you were wondering why I was playing the song “here’s a quarter call someone who cares” in the background …well now you know….it was the first song I thought of as I was putting the quarter in my pocket…ha-ha. I took hwy 1

as I wanted to stop by Lake Washington to take a look…hwy 1 was mine

only a few cars along the road with corn fields on both sides of me…one problem no gas stations..Hmmmm I should have filled up before I left town.

I have to mention this just as I turned off to the lake I saw someone on a tractor getting ready to plow a field…as I got near I learned my eyes had deceived me…it was just a tractor made out of hay…
nice job, very nice job….loved it!
I found the lake ok it was around twenty minutes out of town.

Just as turned off on the hwy leading to the lake

I looked down and saw I only had around thirty miles left till empty. My thinking was it’s a huge lake and there should be gas stations all around it….WRONG!!! I rode around the lake snapping a few photos

Then I came across this huge old house being taking back by the land…I still wonder what the story was on this one…

but always had in the back of my mind I was slowly running out of gas. This was a bummer due to the lake was beautiful and I had to cut the trip around the lake short to try and make it to the next small town for gas.

Once back on the hwy I found gas at the next small town, along the way I saw a lot of farm equipment (most of the stuff I had no idea what it was used for)

On a sadder note I passed mile after mile of dying corn…just thinking about how much money was lost due to the lack of water…sad, sad.

The rest of the trip home went great I stopped a few times for gas and a diet root beer and beat the rain by about ten minutes…it came a storm…but I was safe and dry inside my house…great trip, I would do it again…there is always next year, I’m sure the boys will be going to State again…GO petal!!


Lady Ridesalot said...

Great ride. Sometimes, just getting there and back is all the seat time available, but still beats getting there in a car.

Kudzu took over that house! It happens every where. It will grow over small children while they take their nap, too! Gotta watch that stuff! LOL!

Hubby and I will be in your neighborhood this week. We leave Wed. for Nashville... gonna get on the Natchez Trace Pkwy and ride it down to Nacthez,MS and make a big circle back home.

We're looking forward to going over to Vicksburg to see the Battlefield and Museum too.

Great post, thanks for sharing.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Oops! BTW... tell Myles congrats on the second place finish!

Way to go boys!!

Italo said...

Great post and great photos!!!!!

Ann said...

Congrats to Myles and the team! 2nd place is something to be proud of!

Sounds like a great ride. There are always times I wish we could get the history on something like that old house being reclaimed by the land. Sometimes your imagination is better anyway. :)

Anonymous said...




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