Thursday, July 30, 2009


I took my bike into the shop to get the oil changed (I have a oil change plan that came with the bike, otherwise I would do it myself) anyway I decided it was time to get a engine guard put on, so I checked with the guy at the parts desk and they had one in stock. I had been looking at one made by Cobra but decided to go with the one made by Yamaha. It’s a one piece with chrome from end to end. So then it was up to the service department to get it installed and the oil changed by Friday. This was important due to I wanted to take my bike to Greenville Friday morning. Well the service kept up there end of the bargain and the bike was ready Thursday afternoon.

I picked up my bike and the engine guard looked great,

I could not have been happier. So I decided to go inside the dealership to see if I could find any foot pegs…well I did…for a healthy price tag of 130 dollars..Wow!!! I decided to pass and got on my bike and headed home to look on EBay. On my way, I passed a small Harley shop and stopped in to see if they had any pegs…well they did…two kinds; one cost around 70 dollars and the other was around 30 dollars. Hmmmmm, guess which one I bought. Yea you guessed it; I went with the cheap one made by Drag Specialties …Ha-ha.

Truth is I had never used pegs before , so I was not sure if I would like them or not. So off to the house I went with my new pegs tucked away in my saddle bags. Once home, I went straight in and got some tools out of the workshop…I only used a few wrenches and a big crescent wrench.

The pegs came with a loop to fit a 1” bar or a 1 ¼” bar (like mine) simple installation; just pick the proper size loop, one bolt holds it to the engine guard and one bolt tensions the flip up motion of the pegs…it took me all of 5 minutes to hook them up…easy (anyone could do it)

First problem; the chrome cracked and flaked away on the loop as I tighten it to the engine guard (yep cheap…you get what you pay for) not sure if you can see it in the photo BELOW but the chrome did chip off.

My second complaint; was the pegs are chrome with little strips of rubber spaced around on it…I found it very slipperier when my foot was placed on it, and my guess is the rubber will tear soon.

Besides that they look great (well I think so…anyway)

The next morning I was off on my trip to Greenville, Ms (250 miles away) to watch my boy play baseball. I could not wait to try out the pegs and was using them before I even reached the highway…love them. I did notice that once I reached highway speeds my right foot wanted to try and be pushed off by the wind. So I reached into my saddle bag to pull out my tool bag (wait a minute…I don’t have one yet!!!…Chessie would not be proud. Chessie for you that don’t know is one of my bike ridding on line blogging buddies…great site by the way check it out when you get the chance.
She is always preaching

about how every biker needs a good set of tools somewhere on their bike.

Hmmmmm… so I looked around a store while getting gas and bought a 3 dollar crescent wrench it worked fine. I turned the peg in a little, made it kind of a V to the engine guard…no more slipping foot…worked great!!!
I’ve only been on one trip so for (AROUND 600 MILES TOTAL) I can’t believe I have been riding a bike without pegs. Its soooo nice to be able to stretch your leg out while riding. I will say, I will most likely buy better pegs with a heel loop soon. But as for now the Drag Specialties pegs work just fine, and the engine guard I can’t imagine how you could get one any better.
As for the trip to Greenville, Ms I’ll have a blog on it soon.
Big Al


mq01 said...

it looks great. sorry to hear about the chrome. im planning crashbars with hiway pegs as well, love them. enjoy!!!

Fiddle Mike said...

Nice report.
I've "been there and done that" with road pegs and after market foot pegs.
I use Kuryakyn. Chromed aluminum is nothing to write home about but holds up better than Cobra's chrome, here on the coast.

chessie said...

Hmmm I was wondering how the fit would be...metric verses american standard...guess it's not an issue? I think the work and the product look great on the bike Al...

Sheila Mitchell said...

Nice to know, want to get some for my husband! Now I have some useful info! Thanks...

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