Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rain gods are pissed…at me.

Here is the story, as you may remember from one of my earlier post; I try not to ride my bike to work if there is a 30 percent chance or more of rain that day. I check every morning on to see if I ridding or not. I do this mainly because I don’t like putting on my rain suit for a fifteen minute ride…lazy, lazy.

I say all of this above because it seems the rain gods and I have worked out a pretty good deal,

as long as I don’t ride over a 30 percent day they let me go to and from work with no rain.

Then trouble happen… after my return trip from Greenville (last post) I had to get home so I rode with a forty percent chance of rain that day but made it home dry, I might add. Well I think as punishment the rain gods decided it would be fun

to make the chance for rain over 30 percent everyday for the next week so I could not ride…then to make it worse…IT NEVER RAINED!!! Just looked like it was going to…so what I am saying is I missed a whole week of riding.

This brings me to yesterday…I woke up checked the weather…50 percent chance of rain but not a cloud in the sky….Awww the heck with the deal…I’m riding, so off to work I went. Around 10:00am one of my co-workers said “you might want to look outside…a storm is a brewing”. I knew I was in trouble…what to do, what to do? So around 11:20am (early lunch) I made a break for it jumping on my bike and went tearing down the street towards my house. I swear I could hear the rain gods yell something like “there goes Big Al; he’s on his bike again. GET HIM!! GET HIM!!!”

Well I made it home pulled my bike into the shop pulled out my Iphone took a shot of the sky,

walked in my house (this took less than a minute) walked in the den and heard thundering rain, so I snapped one more photo just so you could see…

Well I guess the moral to this story is…it may not be nice to mess with mother nature,

But its ok to screw around with the rain gods, due to their timing is off by minutes…Oh boy something tell me I’m going to pay

for that remark…Ha-ha.
Big Al


John said...

Oh, son... it not be a good thing to piss off the Rain Gods... My yesterday ride is proof positive that they can get that timing thing figured out. LOL
(13 miles in a down pour.) Sounds like you had fun.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Rain blows. I kind of play the weather guessing game too, but only to an extent. If it isn't raining, I'm riding when I can. I use the 50% chance of rain rule.

They say, those who don't ride in the rain, don't ride much.

I'm usually pretty lucky.

Italo said...


mq01 said...

mother nature and the rain gods always win my i love the pics!!!

the rider said...

Yeah I'm with you on that, if we're on a long trip and we can't avoid it then we will ride in the rain, but if we have a choice no way. That's why we haven't done much riding lately, the weather has been seriously crap. Winter's almost over down here though!

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