Thursday, April 9, 2009

I’m off the wagon…dealers on every corner!!!

Now that I have your attention...No I don’t use drugs,

never have and hope to never will. But I do have a problem with a different kind of drug…FOOD!!!

I love this stuff, but I’m sad to say it’s slowly killing me from the inside out. I have got to kick the habit.

The link above tells the story about how I found out I was a diabetic, and how that food is now my enemy. Truth is once I found out I had it, I got on a great diet, starting working out again and quickly dropped down to 270lbs (I started at 310lbs) in a matter of four months I was off ALL of my diabetes medication and was keeping my blood sugar under control.

Well my friends…I feel the disease is starting to grab a hold of me again. It's amazing how it starts. It starts so slow…it all starts with that first cheat meal and what happens NOTHING, every thing stays the same, blood sugar stays the same, weight does not go up. This leads to the second, third and forth cheat meal. Then ever so slowly your weight starts to go up a pound or two a week then before you know it you’ve gained 13lbs. (yep I’m up to 283lbs now.).

Here is the scary part for me, I’m not a big sugar eater,

and I’m more of a meat and potatoes man. But during the height of my sickness (many months ago), I found myself craving sugar, things like Gatorade, one cent candies, cakes, anything with sugar in it. Trust me, I was eating a lot of it…I could not get enough. Well the cravings are back…the one thing that I have not been eating even though the diet has been slipping is SUGAR. Just by cutting the sugar, my blood sugar has remained in the ok level. But in the last week are so, I have quit going to the gym, my diet has gone to hell, and yep you guessed it, I’m starting to eat candy, cakes and sugar-free popcicles again…and I know it is only a matter of time before my blood sugar

goes back up and I will have to go on medication to get it back down (maybe for life this time).

This brings me to the dealers in my life…they are everywhere. Some deals are cute and sneak up on you like my two kids. My boy, Myles, is a popcicle junkie. So as he is grabbing his one million popcicle on his way out to play, he will throw his dear old dad one. Then there is my lovely daughter Allison, the new found cook…her new specialty, you ask?... Cakes and candies. Then there is my lovely wife Signe who likes to cook pasta meals, spaghetti and lasagna. Then I get tag teamed from the parents living in my back yard, with things like pizza, fried chicken and high carbohydrate foods. (Shame on them two as they are diabetics themselves and should know better.)
So, now I make it past the temptation at home and get to work…safe, Right???…WRONG!!! One of the worst and most powerful dealers of all time sits in the office next to me that I pass through everyday about 20 times. Mike (the candy man) Ellis, his offerings are second to none…if you need it the candy man has it…baby snickers, milky ways, gum drops, penny candy of every shape and size, color and texture, word has it he will be making runs to Miami soon for some of the good stuff…Pop Rocks. Then there is my buddy Matt (the hammer) Roland…lets just put it this way now that we stopped going to the gym at lunch everyday, his new name should be Matt (where are we going to eat for lunch???) Roland.

I know, I know, no one to blame but myself…time to get going again before things get out of hand. I started back yesterday eating right AGAIN(six small meals a day). Matt and I plan on going back to the gym at lunch again starting Monday. I woke up this morning to a three pound lost.

It's amazing what a little eating right will do in a short period of time. I am currently building a new piece of workout equipment…it came to me in a dream…I’m not kidding, it really did. I will do a post on it in the next couple of days…until then you just have to wait to see it.


Baron's Life said...

me.OK Diabetes can and will kill you in time.. don't joke about it ...but if you control it you can live to be 120... follow the doctor's adivice and take your pills or shots as perscribed and u'll be fine.

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

For me...I'm an emotional eater. I do really well for about a month and then out of nowhere the kids start acting like their possessed, Chad's stressed from work, I've got major events coming up and next thing you know I'm eating spoonfuls out of frosting cans. It so frustrating! How about somebody invent a pill you can take that will make food looks less appetizing and will even go so far as to make you sick if you take it. That'd be nice!

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

I meant to end my comment by saying that I totally feel your pain and know that I struggle as well. If you ever need a struggle buddy...feel free to shoot me a line! You can do it Al! Wat to get back on the wagon!

chessie said...

Both my parents have and do suffer from diabetes. Here I sit, same as you, knowing what needs to be done on my end, and finding myself lacking in the total control department when it comes to food.

I know, given my lifestyle and my eating habits, I too will be on medication before much longer...I know what your feeling, the frustrations of control factors or the lack of simple impulse becomes so tiring...
Well bless ya Al, do what you can and keep up the fight...

GYMONR said...

Thanks for the comments…just feeling a little down…truth is more pissed off than anything else. Ha-ha. Well I’m back no the wagon again, it’s amazing what just a few days of eating right will do…I’m already back at 276lb. and blood sugar is great again and yea I’m back at the gym during my lunch hour…feeling good 
BARON: WOW!!! Hard truth…yea I know this is a deadly disease that way to many people take to lightly, I know people (that live next door….Mom) that keep eating candy by the box full, getting stronger and stronger medicines and still have high blood sugar (a death wish, I guess) trust me on this one, I’m going to fight this disease all the way, currently I’m drug free and plan on keeping it that way.
KELLYE, CHAD: What can I say about you guys…you two have always been there for me…just wish we lived a little closer together so we can hang out more.
CHESSIE: Yea the American diet just plain sucks, it no wonders so many of our parents are diabetics.
Thanks again
Big Al

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