Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, I feel the need for speed!!!

Nice day for a motorcycle ride to work…I was thinking, when I woke up this morning. So after a quick breakfast and enjoying a little Sponge Bob cartoon

with my son, I was off. And yep I did the same thing I do almost every morning when its chilly out but looks like it going (key word is GOING to be) to be a beautiful day. I jump on my bike put my helmet and goggles on and leave my gloves in my saddle bags. All the time thinking to myself it’s not that cold I’ll be alright on my 15 minute drive to work. Just like every other morning my hands are frozen by the time I pull out of the driveway, and they freeze all the way to work and get even colder when I get on the hwy.
But this morning was different, why you ask…well this time I pulled over about a mile from the house reached in my saddle bags pulled out my gloves and put them on.(It took so little time..maybe 30 seconds) Then I was on my way down the hwy, my hands being very warm now I got a little twisty with the throttle and the next thing I noticed was my speedometer was reading 97 mph.

I have to admit I was feeling a little happy with myself about having enough common sense to put on my gloves that I cruised on down the small country highway at my new speed for awhile…and then all of a sudden my spidie senses

kicked in and I decided it was time to twist the throttle the other way and slow back down to double nickels. Just as I reached 55 mph I looked up and what did I see…yep you guessed it a hwy patrol car

in the opposite lane, I gave a friendly wave and cruised almost the rest of the way to work. Just before I got off the hwy., I saw about 6 police cars, fire trucks, and clean up crews cleaning up a scene of an very bad accident. I’m not sure yet, but, I would bet money someone died…sad very sad…I guess that was just a reminder to me not to get too twisty with throttle even though my hands were all toasty in my gloves.

Oh yea just in case there are any law enforcement people reading my blog…the part of about me speeding was all just a dream…

I’m sure…H-ha.


Fiddle Mike said...

Danged wicked lawbreaker. :^)

Baron's Life said...

OK I know the feeling...I had my first ride this season from BC to Oregon yesterday...not only my fingers are still balls are blue. Full post will be on next week when I've had enough time to thaw out

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Good post. Love the biker Sponge Bob! Glad you didn't get a ticket!

GYMONR said...

FIDDLE; that’s right I’m a wicked law breaker, I sure the Hell’s Angel are just waiting to snap me up…Ha-ha.
BARON; Yea cold hands suck, you would think by now I would be smart enough to put my gloves on in the morning before I start my ride.
MR. MOTORCYCLE; I almost fell out laughing when I saw biker Sponge Bob on the net…it amazing what you can find on it.
Thanks for the comments.
Big Al

Sheila Mitchell said...

Cute read! Love the spongebob references!!

GYMONR said...

Yea Sheila, if you have got to love Sponge Bob. Ha-ha

Weze's Wanderings said...

On Friday evening on my way home from work I put the top down on the car and I too had a need for speed but the traffic was a little heavy and I never could break out. And,when it's cold I just turn the heat on.
Happy Trails

Anonymous said...

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