Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Morning everyone, here is a post about my little buddy Jimmy Touchstone, I just received an email form him yesterday and decided to share it with friends and family that know him, for those of you that don’t I posted this link to catch you up to date…http://bigalscompound.blogspot.com/2008/09/words-from-afghanistan.html
Jimmy writes…

Big Al,

Good to hear from you, sorry for taking so long to write but things have been really really really crazy for me lately. I actually was transferred to bagram to take over a team that was having issues then no sooner than I got there, I was asked by coorporate to take a job as a perminate Site Supervisor going to a new location that is in the process of being built, so they transferred me to Kandahar to take over and get the thing organized and the people prepared to move. I have 49 people that work for me, and will be moving this entire site to FOB Shank. It is even more remote than where I was before and a lot worse, as again, they are still building it. The funny thing is that I will be there before the main body of the military will, so that puts me in a situation where I am leading 49 un-armed folks into a hot zone, anyway that is where I am at right now. I told them that I would give them until the end of October but that was it, That should give me enough time to get this thing set up and running smoothly, anyway we will see.
Well man I gotta get out of here and get busy again. I will try to write more later, but I know that in the short term ther will not be internet access out there but as soon as I have it I will mail you. Take care old friend and tell everyone that I said hello.

Take care,


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GYMONR said...

Welcome Cindy…to Big Al’s Compound, I’m glad to see you are now following my blog, I’m also glad I could help in some small way to keep you in touch with little brother (he’s little to everyone…ha-ha) I hear from him from time to time or at least someone from around the office hears from him, if you would like send me your email address and I’ll keep you updated on what I hear. Send it to GYMONR@AOL.COM title it little Jimmy so I don’t delete it my mistake.
Big Al

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