Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My daughter’s first motorcycle ride.

My wife and I got up early Saturday morning to do some much needed yard work. After many hours of working in the yard I realized I needed a few things from Ace hardware. It was a nice day outside so I decided to take my bike up to the store…and to my surprise my daughter wanted to go along for a ride. So off to the bike we went with my mom running behind us with my dad looking on wanting to get a shot with her camera of my daughter’s first ride.
We snapped a few photos and off we went;
the first couple of turns I could tell made her a little nervous but after I explained that the lean of the bike on curves was normal she was good to go.

About three minutes into the ride she put her arms out to her side in airplane mode, she was loving the ride. Minutes later I hear from behind me “Daddy can you Smell the honeysuckles”
I replied yes and explained the best I could at 40 mph on a country road that, that was one of the many reasons I ride a motorcycle…you just see, hear, and smell (sometimes touch…when a bug hits you in the face. h a-ha)

so much more than when you are just sitting in a car.
Next thing I noticed was she was giving the beauty pageant wave to everyone we passed...
Noooo!!! So I had to teach her the top secret motorcycle wave

by placing your hand down beside by your leg. As luck would have it we passed another biker and I preformed the wave and received the wave back

after that we reached Ace and bought our stuff. Minutes later we were on our way back home this time we took the hwy home so she could experience a little speed…no problem then it seemed only like seconds passed and we were home safe and sound. Great ride… short but very sweet. Anytime spent with my daughter is always a great time but on the back of my motorcycle makes it even better…hmmm maybe I should get her one of her own.


chessie said...

It time, Al, in time! She needs to absorb all of this, and do some more! All the time some encouragement from you to explore on her own...she'll be ready soon enough. Let her enjoy being a girl on the back first...it's one of the rites of femininity...in my opinion.

Lady Ridesalot said...

I'm glad she enjoyed her first ride, and how fitting that the most important man in her life right now,(Daddy) was the one to share it with her.
When I was a little girl, much younger than your daughter, my Dad would give me rides too. I couldn't get enough! I moved up to dating boys with motorcycles, (believe it or not, Dad didn't object too much)to having a husband who rode, to being a rider myself. Woo Hoo!
Great post Al. Hopefully we'll be able to see your daughter in future posts, sharing her new enthusiasm for motorcycles.

And yes, it was a beautiful day to ride. Hurray for Spring!

Allen Madding said...

Nothing beats Dad and daughter time on two wheels! :)


Baron's Life said...

This is great Big Al...time well spent with the daugther and the family...enjoy it while you can..nothing beats a motorcycle ride with a loved one. Teach her safety, takes lots of pictures. God Bless always... Nice post and pictures.

GYMONR said...

Thanks for the comments…my little baby and I have already been on our second ride she’s 16 now almost 17 (in a month)…going on 21. Ha-ha. She already wants an all pink motorcycle; she is a real girly-girl but does love the outdoors. As for more photos I’m sure that want be a problem she only weighs in around 100 lbs soaking wet…but is a real camera hog. Ha-ha.
Big Al

Fiddle Mike said...

It's good to read that another youngster has taken to motorcycling.

My daughter rides her own but still packs with me on longer jaunts.
We sometimes give the beauty pageant wave, too.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Excellent! Before you know it, the two of you may be shopping for a bike, just for her. Ride safe!

Jeff said...

Great post... sorry I missed it! I gave my daughter her first ride last year and now she wants to go with EVERY time I ride... which is totally fine with me. I have a feeling I'll be seeing her on her own bike someday.

Anonymous said...

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