Saturday, March 7, 2009

Motorcycle product review

Woke up early Saturday morning with motorcycle riding on my mind but after breakfast I decided it was time to give my bike a good wash.
I had all the cleaning supplies I needed expect for something to clean the windshield. Since I have heard horrid stories before of people using household products and scratching up their windshields I decided to play it safe and go to Hattiesburg Cycles (local motorcycle dealer) and buy a cleaning product made just for motorcycles. It was really just a good excuse to get out and ride. About fifteen minutes later, I was there looking at cleaning products…and then I saw it a small can sitting on a shelf called…Pig Spit…

That’s right I said Pig Spit…with a name like that, it has got to be good. Ha-ha. It was a little price-EEE

But what the heck it is for my baby so money is no object. I left the shop and made a quick stop at Gander Mountain (more on that stop later). Once I got home, I got all my stuff out and gave my bike a good washing (ladies I promise next time I’ll get all lathered up in my thong and take photos while cleaning by bike…ha-ha…oh man now I’ve gone to far and now have that image stuck in my head..I may be sick...Ha-ha) some things are best left to the ladies.

Once I got the bike cleaned and dried off

it was time to try the Pig Spit, I shook the can up and gave it a spray covering my windshield with a thin foam then took a rag and wiped it off…Wow!!! This stuff worked GREAT!!!
All the bugs and road debri was gone and there was no scratching or streaking, the windshield looked as good as new. So I sprayed the headlight, taillight and turn signals too; they also came out great. I give this product a thumbs up,
once you get passed the name PIG SPIT and the price, I have to admit it does everything the label says it will. Great stuff.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Totally, not denying that this Pig Spit May work great, but I gotta wonder, like many products, if it is not just regular old glass cleaner in an aerosol can market as something special. And because cleverly marketed, allowed a 300times price markup form the standard aerosol glass cleaner.

GYMONR said...

Yea, I’d have to agree with you it is amazing what people will buy when they already have the same product under a different name on the shelves at home already. The first cleaning product I pick up that day went for $ 17.95…then I found Pig Spit at the bargain price of $ 6.95. Ha-ha. Heck now that I think of it I should have bought two. Ha-ha
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