Monday, July 13, 2009

Fruit trees update!!!

Before I get started on the trees let me take a second to apologize
for the slow
posting and lack of commenting on other blogs I have been doing lately. (I promise I’ll do better) hang in there, I will get back to more than just a few posts a month…work has been killing me lately…driving me crazy is more like it…
well that’s all I need to say about that….I’ll do better.

Ok now onto the tree story…as you may remember from an earlier post
I bought four fruit trees while in Texas with my dad. Came home and planted them between the pool house and garage (thinking this was a good idea to shelter them from the cold wind in the winter) well turns out I was a genius…
it worked all four trees survived and are now producing fruit…lemon, blood orange, Satsuma and a kumquat tree..

I know you real farmers

out there are thinking what a idiot…he did not kill four trees and thinks he now has a green thumb…its not that at all, I just think of this as a small farming victory…in my world..It’s BIG…

Here are some photos…after eight months of growth…

Lemon tree (I find it funny that one lemon has been yellow the entire time the rest are green)

Blood orange


Kumquat (is just starting to bloom, very small fruit is starting to appear)

Hmmm next year or maybe this fall I plan on covering the compound with fruit trees…I figure if you are going to plant trees…it might as well be trees that you can eat…

Thanks for reading…
Big Al


chessie said...

LOL fruit trees...I kill em as soon as I get em...dang if I know what happens...they MUST already be established on the grounds if they have any hope of living where ever I am...cant figure it out!

Yours look great

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

Our lemon tree never fruited yellow lemons! Always green and it left us wondering how they ever turn yellow! My theory is that limes are actually immature lemons.

The Peach Tart said...

that's amazing from such a short planting certainly must have the proverbial green thumb

mq01 said...

looking good!!!

GYMONR said...

CHESSIE…I usually have the same luck…these trees were born and raised in Texas (not to far from where I live) and I think that’s why they are doing so well.

KELLYE…Hmmm maybe you had a LIME TREE….here’s your sign…HA-HA

PEACH…Yea I was thinking the same thing…as for the green thumb…you should see my garden…well let’s just say I’ll be plowing it under this weekend.

MQ01…Yea I know!!! Oh you meant the fruit trees…ha-ha

Thanks for the comments
Big Al

Herrad said...

Hi Big Al,

Great fruit trees and great ands good plans for next year.

Can you gtrow mangos and avcocados?

Just came by to say hello hope you are doing well and enjoying summer.


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