Thursday, July 2, 2009

News flash!!! Mouse update!!!

Well if you have been keeping up with my blog, you know by now that I have had a mouse invader at my home…
that being said if you looked at my comments on the same blog you would have seen I did the little fellow in. (R.I.P.)

Well, there is a little twist to the story. As you may remember from my last story, I set four traps and the next morning I sent the mouse to the giant cheese wheel in the sky. I also have to mention a second trap had sprung but missed the mouse. This got me to thinking…is there more than one mouse??? I decided to leave the traps out one more night just to be sure, I tried to reset the sprung trap and found it to be defective. This left me with two traps that were still set from the day before, and then off to bed I went.

Morning came, I went in the kitchen to make some coffee

(truth is I had forgotten all about the traps) but then I remembered and took a look…first trap…same spot no movement…GOOD…second trap…GONE!!! I’ve been trap napped…what the heck? I looked everywhere and could not find it…then I thought to myself my wife and kids were up later than me, so maybe the trap killed a mouse and they threw it away. So I went on about my morning. Oh yea one thing I forgot to mention all around my stove were pennies lying around on the floor.
(Make me think of the twilight zone) Hmmm…

When the wife woke up later, I asked her where she put the trap…her answer “what trap?” We searched the house EVERYWHERE but could not find a mouse or trap…it was like it vanished in thin air. Later the kids woke up and were able to shed a little light on the subject…it appears that after the wife went to sleep the kids heard a strange noise coming from the stove…so being the brave kids they are, they climbed up on the kitchen counter and threw pennies at the stove until the noise stopped.

Well this was a relief, my guess was a mouse got its foot or tail caught in the trap and drug it under the stove. So I went to investigate…hmmm no mouse and no trap…what the…?

Well that night I was in bed SOUND asleep…and what do I hear? Honey are you awake? (This is at 11:30pm on a workday night) so many evil come backs came to mind but I answered with something like what do you need, DEAR!!!…(What I was thinking!!! SEE BELOW. HA-HA)

Her answer…it’s the mouse it’s under the stove, I can see it. So I go into the kitchen and sure enough the mouse and the trap are at the edge of the stove, as I get closer it drug the trap back under the stove just out of reach. DAM you mouse!!!! So I do what any man would do (right guys) I turn the stove on high and try and wait the little bugger out!!! I hear a few squeaks and moving around under the stove…but after 30 minutes of waiting…no mouse… so I do the next best thing and bring our cat Lucky in and lock her in the kitchen...

but what really happens...see below.

Well to make a long story short, I plan on moving the stove out this weekend to retrieve a DEAD mouse with its foot caught in a trap…. (I hope) but to all you other mice out there, just remember…as my friend Arnold once said…I’LL BE BACK!!!

Big Al


Sheila Mitchell said...

L-O-L!!! we had to fight a rat one time....that sucker was huge! Anyway, love the updates...and Good Luck!

mq01 said...

crap...die f'ing mouse :) !!!!!!!!!!

Clueless said...

What I would do, is get in touch with some Mafia and buy a massive machine gun and shoot the whole place up ( The picture: a house all shot up and a mouse sitting there staring at me like im a maniac), But thats just me.

MeanDonnaJean said...

Just don't wait TOO long to go snatch that lil' sucker up. As Skynyrd said: "Oooo oooo that smell!"

Oh yes, I remember it well.

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