Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daytona Run!!

Was trying to think of how I wanted to start my big adventure story

about last weekend's Daytona run. After much thinking,

I decided to start at the beginning. Well as you may recall from a couple of posts back, the Daytona trip was more just to see how David and I could handle long hauls in one day on our bikes, first I must say we passed with flying colors.

A 600 miles in a day ride turned out to be no big deal at all, even in the rain for the first 4 hours of the trip.

Ok I’m getting ahead of myself, I said I was going to start at the beginning, the Thursday before the trip Dave and I noticed my rear tire was getting a little bald

so I put it in the shop Hattiesburg Cycles
to get a new one put on, with the understanding I could get it out Friday (the day before the trip) when I went to pick up my bike Friday I decided to get a cruise control for my bike, after hearing the shop wanted 65 dollars to install it I decided to install it myself after work Friday night. (Cheap, cheap)

Anyway the funny part was I had not packed, washed the bike, adjusted my batwing fairing and now I had to install a cruise control and be ready to go Saturday by 5:00am. (Pressure, pressure)
As luck would have it, I could not get off work Friday till around 7:00pm.  I went home, had a quick bite, then had to get the wife to drive me to the cycle shop to pick up my bike…and yep you guessed it, it was raining. On with the rain suit and a quick ride home into my shop I went.

First line of business, adjust my batwing fairing down a little so it would fit closer to my headlight (check) then came the cruise control, VISTA CRUISE THROTTLE LOCK

it’s a very simple set up, only took me around 20 minutes to install. (Check) I got to say it was one of the best things I ever put on my bike and for around 30 dollars it’s a steal (more on it later). I bought a cup holder

while in Daytona for 20 dollars so I figured I might as well show it to you now while we were on the subject of bike add-ons. The good news about the cup holder is it has a quick release so I can remove it with ease, I swore I would never have one of them on my bike, but after guzzling water

and Mountain Dews

all the way home from Daytona, I’m sold on this add on too. Then I went inside and did what every good man does, went to bed and put off packing until the morning of the trip. Ha-ha.

Lots more to come

Big Al

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Fiddle Mike said...

Nice post, you speak to the procrastinator in all of us.
I like your choice of traveling accessories. That Vista Cruise is worth every dime.

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