Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daytona Run (part 3)

Hmmm where was I…oh yea my bike started to sput and sputter then it died, I reached down and turn my gas tank to the reserved tank and it fired back up, yea I was out of gas at 112 miles.
Something was wrong, I normally go around 140 miles till empty not counting the reserve. Anyway stopped at the next exit and got gas, luckily I had been keeping up with my mileage on an App on my Iphone; I was only getting a little over 30 mpg? What the heck? Oh well, so off we went. (more on this later)

We made it to the next two or three gas stops ok but each time I was running out of gas around 112 miles. The stalker

that had joined our group also started to complain about the speed and

the 100 plus miles we were going between stops.
I have to admit David and I found this funny, I don’t remember asking him to come alone in the first place, and it’s a free county, he could have pull off anytime he wanted to. Truth is we normally keep our speeds down; we were just trying to out run the rain.

Then we found out over lunch

that the stalker did not have a room to stay at in Daytona…hmmm where would he sleep once we get there? With a tag like this,

 he sure was not going to sleep with me. Ha-ha. These are thoughts that started going through my head. Anyway we made it to Daytona just before dark,

we said goodbye to the stalker (I call him the stalker mainly because I can’t remember his name. ha-ha)

so if you see this tag someday, tell the stalker the boys from Hattiesburg said hello. Oh yea, the stalker also road a Yamaha

So we checked into the room

got a bite to eat and then went to sleep, so we would be ready for our big day in Daytona tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay on this post, the next one will be faster.

Till next time

Big Al

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