Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daytona run (part 2)

Ok on with it trip, woke up around 4:30am threw some clothes in my bike luggage, quick shower and off I went to meet Dave. We were planning on meeting around 5:30am at a store about 30 miles from both of our houses but due to the morning rain we decided to meet up around 6:00am, so we would have some day light to see by. Both of us showed up on time gassed up and our adventure was on.

Slight mist of rain was in the air, not bad. Everything was going well until we hit Mobile, Alabama

about an hour and half from the house. Instead of taking our normal route through mobile, we decided to go through the old part of town and the old tunnel (short cut)

this would have been a great idea except it started to rain hard. We stopped at one of the downtown lights, I was fiddling with my goggles

as they had now fogged over and all I could see was the taillight on the back of his bike. Then I heard it, the roar

of what sounded like another motorcycle behind me, I guess my first thought was who in the heck would be out riding a motorcycle in the rain?

I looked in my rear view mirror through my fogged goggles and due to all the light on the vehicle behind me I thought it was a trike. Then it happened, I looked up and saw Dave heading to a busy intersection with a red light,

to my surprise Dave rolls right through it…well being blind from the fogged goggles I just closed my eyes and went through the light too…wow I just made it! Then I heard that roar again and the bike-trike behind me zigzaging

through the intersection too, it was at that time I realized we had picked up a stalker…it was at the next stop the bike-trike behind me reveiled itself, the guy pulled up beside David and asked “where we were going?” Dave said “Daytona” then the biker asked “Can I ride with you?” Dave’s answer you ask? “SURE” seemed like a good idea at the time. Well the next thing I knew we were back on the interstate cruising between 80 and 85 mph with our new friend following in the rear.

Then something strange happened, my bike started to sput and sputter and the engine cut off at 80 mph…

Well sorry for the cliff hanger,

but the wife just walked in with donuts, got to go for the day.

Tune in next time, Ill be back.

Big Al

PS: I’m really not sorry; I just like messing with my readers sometime…Ha-ha.

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