Monday, January 24, 2011

UPS is coming! UPS is coming!!!

That’s right, Friday January 21, 2011, UPS stopped by the compound and dropped off three boxes.

Oh yea, my Memphis shade fairing is here...

The plan, wait till Saturday afternoon and put it on with a co-worker buddy Dave’s help…one problem, I could not wait, so I got started on it Friday night around 7:00pm. The fairing comes in three boxes, one has the fairing, one has the windshield and one has the quick release brackets that hold it on.

I started by taking my stock windshield off,

this proved to be the hardest part of the job. I had to first remove the windshield, then to get the bottom bracket off I had to remove the headlight,

then to get the upper bracket off I had to remove the nuts that hold the handle bars on.

Done, time to hang the stock windshield on the wall.

Now all that is required to mount the batwing is…

One: Mount the bracket on the batwing

Two: place the clamp on the fork near the lower triple tree

Three: place the clamp on the fork near the top of the triple tree

Four: the bracket that holds the throttle, brake and clutch cable was too close to the fork and would not let the clamp fit around the fork near the upper triple tree.

Five: time for modification of the cable bracket by drilling out the bolt hole to move it over a little.

Six: still could not move the bracket over enough, time for the saw, I cut it into to two pieces and it worked fine.

Seven: Installed the fairing and did the final adjustment.

Eight: installed the windshield, with three bolts.

Nine: done!!!

I think it looks great, took it for a test drive this afternoon and it blocked the wind great, it came with a black gel-coat that matches the paint on my bike great; no painting required. I'll post more later, after I have had a chance to try it on the interstate.

Big Al


the rider said...

That seriously changed the look of your bike Al., I hope you are happy with it after your ride on the interstate. It looks like it will give a lot more wind protection. Many years ago I fitted a "Windjammer" fairing to my stock Yamaha XS1100 which made my ride a lot easier, I look forward to reading about more rides and by the way thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers Bro.

Anonymous said...

Al, that bat wing really did a transformation to your ride. Thanks for sharing.

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