Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trips, trips and more trips.

Sounds like 2011 is going to be a good year for trips,

you may have noticed I added two countdown clocks to the upper right hand side of my blog…

Here is the scoop of the up and coming trips…

The first is a hiking trip to Eagle Rock Loop Trail in Arkansas.

This is one killer hike if you are not in shape (I plan to be this time)

its around 27 miles long, crossing nine mountains, nine rivers,

and more stream crossing than I care to count. The plan take off work Wednesday-Sunday, May 4-8, 2011 this will give us two days travel time (8 HOUR DRIVE FROM MY HOUSE) and three days for the hike. So far, we have signed up…

Chad “my packs to heavy” Smith,

Mitch “I need a nap” Hembree,

Matt “wrong way” Roland,

and myself; Big “I almost died the last time on this hike” Al,

Oh yea and a possible mystery guest, that will get named later if he attends.

Looking forward to the trip…more to come in future post.

Trip two; Big motorcycle trip of the year.

Getting ready to get hot and heavy on this one, many, many more post to come about it. Planning on leaving work around noon Friday June 10th, and returning Sunday June 19th. Ten days of motorcycle fun, the “Quest for Lobster” That’s right Big Al is heading to Maine,

why you ask? I’m going to eat a lobster, that’s why. Well it makes since to me, its only 1500 miles there and 1500 miles back. Ok here is the funny part…I HATE LOBSTER!!!

Trust me, more on this trip later.

Got another weekend trip planned too, no countdown clock for this one…Natchez trace ride, (Jackson to Natchez)

but in a little different way. My buddy Matt “The Hammer” Roland is a member of the bicycle club R2W Cycling,

as much as it pains me to say it these guys can RIDE.

The plan wake up around 5:00am in a week or two on Saturday load my truck with “GET THIS” two bicycles, one 49cc Yamaha Zuma scooter,

camping gear and head to Jackson. Once in Jackson MS, unload the gear and head to Natchez.  On the Natchez trace about 100 miles one way,  two guys will be riding bicycles and I will be carrying the gear on the Zuma (pack mule).

Once in Natchez, camp for the night, then turn around and ride the 100 miles back to the truck Sunday. This should be a trip to remember! Don’t worry I’ll post all about it, should have video too.

I’ll do another post soon of the Bike Rallies I will be attending this year.

Until then,

Big Al


biker baby said...

Lobster is an acquired taste; most people don't care for it the first time. If you are trying to acquire the taste, there is no place better than Maine. We rode up to Portland and got on a ferry to Peaks Island. A whole steamed lobster dinner for $ lobster I ever had.

Gail Durham said...

Lobster is ok, I like other seafood better. Travel safe.

GYMONR said...

Yea, that was my thought…go to Maine, the lobster capital of the world…if I can’t get a good lobster there, where can I. Right. Ha-ha.

SonjaM said...

Trip planning is part of the fun of traveling. Safe journey, and don't get bitten by bugs, bears or lobsters.

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