Friday, January 21, 2011

Eerie morning motorcycle ride.

January 19, 2011

Woke up this morning just like every other one, got dressed for work, checked the weather, mid 40’s, ten percent chance of rain. Perfect day for a motorcycle ride to work…Well, so I thought?

It had been around 4 days since my last ride due to rain and carrying my kids to school in the morning, but my bike fired right up and purred like a kitten as I put my gloves, helmet and sunglasses on.

Ok this is where things get a little strange…as I was pulling out of my driveway; this since of fear came over me for some reason.

I guess it left me wondering, "does this happen to other bikers from time to time, as it has happen to me two or three times over the years I’ve been riding. "

It’s hard to explain, but here goes… it’s really more of a strange feeling, more than fear, here are some examples; I normally roar

Yea, Right!!!

out of my driveway and fly down the streets in my neighborhood on my way to work. This morning I found myself looking at a small puddle

on the road at the end of the driveway and inching my way to it ever so slowly. Then once passed thinking to myself, wow I survived that,

then at each curve

found myself slowing to a crawl. To make matters worse it felt like the bike was fighting me the entire time and it was winning.

Things like dogs even the ones 100 yards from the road give me the feeling of uneasiness.

Then as I entered the hwy (this is a very straight road that takes me almost to work)

safe right…NOOO!!! First it seemed that the car behind me was tailgating

(it really was not) not to mention the cars waiting to pull out on the hwy just seemed like they were going to pull right out in front of me,
Sorry I could not help myself, been holding this photo to long.

It would cause me to lower my speed big time. As I went to turn off the hwy on to a city street, I found myself looking at the small pile of gravel in the middle of the road,

thinking I hope my front tire does not slide out in the turn. Then I crossed a railroad track, again I kept thinking I hope I don’t fall over while crossing the track. Finally I make it to the office and start backing my bike into its parking spot, again having the feeling of dropping my bike.

Whew, off the bike and safe inside my office. Hmmm strange right? I guess what puzzles me is this has never happen while doing anything else in life, like driving a car, a boat or just life in general. I guess the really strange thing is when I got back on my bike to go home, it was like it never happen, I was roaring down the roads like it had never happen before.

I talked to a biker co-worker once inside to see if he had ever experienced anything like this before, he told me he sometime had a fear of deer late in the evening sometimes…

my guess is we are talking about two different kind of fears… but not sure, maybe it’s the same.

Oh well

Till next time

Big AL


biker baby said...

I too have felt this's rare...but once in a while. I believe you have to have a healthy respect for bikes to be safe. This is that healthy respect. That occasional reminder of what could be. Then on the other hand...too much coffee????

bobskoot said...


perhaps substitute the word premonition, also known as Gut fear, forshadowing.

Often when I get these vibes I just take the car, you just never know what lurks around the next corner. Better to be safe to ride another day.

Fiddle Mike said...

I think it might a subconscious warning that we're not at the top of our game.

Bar & Shield said...

I think it means it is time for a road trip to sharpen the skills.

States I’ve traveled to over the years

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