Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well everyone… I’M BACK!!!

Well everyone… I’M BACK!!! Sorry to have been gone so long, between my job, my health, and lot of other things, my computer included. Just too many things to get into right now, maybe later I’ll get into them in detail.

Missed everyone and am glad to be back at BlogSpot.

Now on to my thoughts…that’s what this blog is all about anyway…RIGHT.

Here is a quick catch up on what's been going on in the last few months…I have been spending a lot of my vacation time in Port Saint Joe, Florida. My mom and dad have been doing work in Florida and have rented a great beach house and yea I use the free room and food as much as I can.
The sunsets off the front pouch are amazing.

My son and a co-worker David (you might remember him from my Natchez Trace blog)
took a few days off and made a long motorcycle ride out to the Port (about an 8 hour run),

we had a great time, first long motorcycle ride for my son. SHARK fishing

and long rides on the beach added to our daily adventures…Did I mention the free meals at mom’s house….mmm, mmm good. Many other trips (in cars or trucks) have followed. The wife and I even drug my boat to the port for another long weekend leaving the kids at home ALONE…I’m sure they were well behaved while we were gone.

Pop managed to get off a couple of days while we were there and we did some damage to the fish population in the Bay in front of the house.

Almost forgot my wife, son and his friend Tanner took a trip there too, my Pop rented a pontoon boat so we could go scallop diving,

we only found a few but had a great time trying…next day we had a great meal at Margaretville.

Big Al

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Herrad said...

Hi Big Al,
Good to see you are back enjoyed your post and the great photos.
Have a pleasant weekend.

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