Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Near run-in with the law

I just had to mention this, it happen on my way to work this morning. The morning started out the same as always, me packing my lunch for work then running out the door to drive to work. Well if you read my note “25 things you did not know about me” on FaceBook a few weeks ago, you would have learned I have kind of an obsession with driving through the wrong parts of town at night. Truth is I do it day and night anytime I get the chance this drives my wife and mom crazy. Ha-ha. Away as I was driving down Mobile Street this morning (parts of this street is know for it hooker’s, drug dealing, and gang activity) I get to the intersection with the Bar/whiskey store;

the light is green and I start pulling into the intersection…What do I see!!!

But one of Hattiesburg finest (cop car)

with it's lights on

heading right at me. The cop see’s me about the time I see him, he clicks on his siren and cuts to the left hard as I gun the mighty v8 (ford truck power) to get across the road, a very near miss, very, very near miss. It’s just to early in the morning for this. Ha-ha. Well I made it to the office (on time incase the boss is reading this) I guess my parting thought would be, had we wrecked who’s fault would it have been…hmmm let me guess.

Ha-ha. To all my law enforcement buddies out there keep up the good work…truth is they have cleaned up Mobile Street so well now that I may have to start looking for a new route to work…you know me and my OBSESSION.

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