Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bench Press Madness

One of my brothers of iron,

hit a life time best at the gym today.

Eric “The Beast” Taylor benched 300 lbs today at the Hattiesburg YMCA. We need to get this man a T-Shirt, what a lift. He has been creeping around the 300 mark for some time now, I personally saw him do an unassisted 290 lb bench about a week ago. I hate to tell him I told you so, but I do remember telling him he should have done 300 then…ok I can’t resist…I TOLD YOU SO!!! Now that I think of it, he should have benched 305 lb so he could say he can bench over 300 lbs. Ha-ha. It never ends.

Maybe next time he will try 315 lbs.

With one hand tied behind his back (inside joke) three cheers for Eric!!! Light Weight Baby…yep…yep.


Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

Are you even kidding?! That's insane!!! He will not be a real man until he endures a bikini wax's true!

loong said...

it was as good as a play,good luck

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