Thursday, July 5, 2012

Motorcycle product review: Kuakyn Hwy Pegs

Kuryakyn highway pegs

Wow what a product, sometimes you just don’t know what you’re missing until you have them on your bike. Let me explain, Thursday, July 30, 2009 (Wow that was a long time ago) I bought a cheap set of hwy pegs.

you can read that story here
Anyway skip ahead a few years and now I find myself ordering a set of Kuryakn hwy pegs from for my bike with an off set. Being 6’5” tall, I found myself always laying my feet on top of the old pegs to stretch my never ending legs out as these bars attach straight to the crash bars with no off set.

New pegs on top, old pegs below.

One note before I go into the insulation of the new pegs, the drag specialties pegs are some fine pegs for the money. I was looking at them. When I removed them, they looked almost as good as the day I bought them. Not a single rubber piece was missing and the chrome still looked nice except for a few scrapes here and there. My thought would be if you are a shorter rider and on a tight budget get yourself a set of drag specialties pegs and you won’t go wrong.

Now on to the Kuryakn hwy peg, easy insulation, you only need a few tools and about ten minutes of you time. I used one ¾” wrench and two different size Allen wrenches (sorry I don’t remember the size)

 the first difference I noticed was the pegs off set, you can turn the peg either way depending on your height, shorter people would turn them in and taller would turn them out like mine.

Just a few turn of the wrenches and your done, don’t forget to turn the pegs in a little to form a slight V shape with the crash bar

why you ask…well if you don’t when you hit hwy speed your foot will be catching a lot of air and it will tent to want to blow off the peg. I found this out the hard way when I install the last set.

Well I only put a few hundred miles on my bike since I put them on but I got to say you get what you pay for, the ride is great. Its one of the few things that I have added to my bike that has truly changed the ride for me, now my long legs from hell, have some place to go.

Almost forgot to mention, I picked the new pegs up from AMAZON for around 80.00 dollars. Truth is known I’m finding a lot of motorcycle parts on their site a lot cheaper than anywhere else, check them out you will be surprised with the amount of motorcycle parts they carry.

Till next time
Big Al

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a few months later... ive got to ask. do you still love them?

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