Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New motorcycle ride...IN THE WORKS!!

Wow!!! Long time since my last post, truth is I’ve been working on another blog
for some time now trying to improve myself and I'm glad to say "it's working."

I got many; many stories to share with everyone here hope to start posting soon but for now let me tell you of and up and coming motorcycle trip.

It’s in the late planning stage now; as a matter of fact I head out this Friday. Where you ask? Arkansas

that’s where, just myself

and a long lost high school best buddy, Walter

reunite for a 1200 mile 3 ½ day trip around the mountains of Arkansas. The plan, around 12:00pm Friday I head out to Pine Bluff, AR from Hattiesburg, (from work) Mississippi.Walter will leave sometime that morning from his home in Huntsville, Alabama. Both of us will have around a 300 mile solo ride from different direction. Once there. we will get a room and head out on our journey early Saturday morning (see map of the ride)
looks to be around 650 miles, we will break that up over Saturday and Sunday ending at Helena AR, then making around another 300 solo mile ride home Monday.

I’ll post more about it once I get home, not sure yet if I’m going to carry my computer or not…I will have my camera and will be clicking at every stop.

More to come

Big Al

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Hannah Parkin said...

A motorcycle trip is a nice way to catch with old friends. Arkansas is a very beautiful place. I am sure you and your friend will have a grand time touring and photographing several of the state's breathtaking natural formations. Drive safely!

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