Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day weekend

Had some vacation time just burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to take Thursday and Friday off and have a long 5 day weekend. Well since it was Labor Day weekend I decided to do some labor…Hmm what to labor on, that is the question? It did not take long for me to realize it was time to clean my garage it had become a pig sty in the last year.

I got to admit at first it was a little overwhelming, where to start first.

We have been remodeling our house over the last few years and the garage has become a catch all for all the stuff we ripped out of each room. Our garage is a little over 1600 sq feet and I swear you could barely move around in it. I guess my breaking point came a few days back when I went to do a simple one hour job that ended up taking hours because I could not find tools or just got tired of climbing over the piles of stuff to get to them.

To get started I backed my truck and trailer into the shop and just started throwing things away.

Then went around and picked up all my tools and stuff and hung them on the wall. Once everything was off the floor a good sweeping was in order, followed by the wet vac and the leaf blower…I got to say it turned out nice, very nice just like it was before…yea…I got my shop back.

The above looks easy on paper, but it took me most of two days…then I had the problem, what to do with the stuff in my truck and my trailer. To the dump, to the dump

I went all away across town in Hattiesburg. I got to admit its been years since I have been to dump (land fill) things have changed…

First you have to weigh your trash, and then they hit you with a bill, in my case $ 21.05.

Then the next thing I was told is, you will need a hard hat and orange vest on the entire time you will be out of your truck at the dump. Hmmm just did not happen to have one on me, seems I’m not alone as they have a big box of loaner hats and vest you can use. Got to say I looked pretty stylish in my new attire.

Got everything unloaded and made the long drive home…but do you know what? I had a very clean garage to pull my truck in when I got back…I did good!!!

Till next time
Big Al


mq01 said...

excellent! looks great!

Alan LaRue said...

That is an awesomely enormous garage!

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