Monday, March 1, 2010

Planes, trains and MOTORCYCLE???

Running kind of behind in my blogging, so I’ll make the next few posts short and sweet, until I catch up.

Ok here I go; truth is there are no planes in this story but there are trains and motorcycles. It all started a few weeks ago when a co-worker buddy of mine David bought a Harley police bike; see my last post.
Then he talked another co-worker, also named David into getting one. Well a deal was made and David was now a proud owner of a cop bike. There were only two problems, except for the one hour lesson I gave David on my bike, see link.

He had never ridden a bike before. Problem two, the bike was at Chunky River Harley Davison, around 90 miles away.

The first problem was easy to over come, both the David’s took a three day motorcycle training class, both passed with flying colors.

The second problem proved to be a little more of a challenge…let me explain. Well David # 1 and I wanted to ride our bikes up to the dealership and ride back with David # 2…now your starting to see the problem, two bikes and three guys….

humm what to do what to do. Yep I’ll admit it, for a brief second I thought about riding two guys one bike (not much I won't do for my friends but even I have my limits. Ha-ha) then this video came to mind.
So it was decided David # 2 would take a train, while David #1 and I would ride our bikes to meet him at the dealership.

David # 1 and I arrived just minutes ahead of David # 2. As we pulled into the parking lot we found to our surprise the dealership was having a cook out for its customers.

There were Harleys and Harley riders everywhere, yep you guessed it I was riding the only Yamaha there…ha-ha.

Then I saw it…David’s # 2 new bikes was parked right next to the grill all shined up and ready to go, surrounded by many bikers. Here is the funny part; David # 2 was going to have to ride his new bike right through the crowd of bikers…don’t forget he had only ridden a bike around 3 times in his life…pressure, pressure.

Well the good salesmen at the Harley shop, helped him out and moved the bike to the side of the building. Well he managed to get the bike in gear and made a smooth take off. Well smooth until he reached the back parking lot and had to enter a major traffic hwy.

As we were pulling up all I see is David # 2 letting the bike get away from him and dropped it on its side. He was having trouble getting the bike back up so I jumped off mine to give him a hand. After being rattled by all that, he still had to pull the bike into the hwy to get the bike home…well what seemed like a couple hours wait until he pulled out into traffic (I sure it seemed longer to David # 2. Ha-ha) once he got a brief lull in traffic he made his move (reminded me of the game frogger)

…Dam good job, no troubles the rest of the way home.

The rest of the trip went pretty much uneventful…nice ride with good friends. What more could you ask for…

Till next time
Big Al

Shirley, David # 2, you didn’t think I would not tell everyone that you dumped your bike the first 2 minutes of your ride. Ha-ha…look at it this way at least you got that over with already. Ha-ha. (Only funny because there was no damage to the bike or David # 2.)

Oh yea we got to do something about your names….David # 1 & 2 just is not going to work…


chessie said...

Poor David #2.
I feel for him. Nothing like trial by fire. Seems he persevered and came out smelling better than roses. Good for him

Fiddle Mike said...

I feel for David #2, as well, but it was sink or swim and he swam Congrats on his new scoot.

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