Sunday, May 3, 2015

Diner, Drive-in and Dive Manci's Antique Club

That's right time for another post, this time we are in Fairhope, Alabama at yet another DINER, DRIVE-IN AND DIVES, Manci's Antique Club. 

Just down on a short weekend get away, we stopped by... first thought of the place, Dive Bar! Let me start off by saying we got there at an odd time around 3:30 p.m.,  so we had the place to our selves. 

This turned out not to be a good thing, here's why, when we walked in the door we walked right in a very dim lit bar. The bartender was a grumpy old man that seemed to be annoyed by us walking in, eventually we did get a seat in the lunch area. 

Only to be greeted again by the same grumpy bartender, it appeared he was the only one there. He took our order and let us know that the server did not show up; but he had called someone in on her day off. Soon our waitress showed up and told us how bad she hated coming in today. 

The place itself, well it was dirty, very dirty, the kind of place it seems everyone had just given up on. They had nic-nacs hanging everywhere, this was cool BUT everyone of them was cover with an inch of dust, spider webs everywhere. 

Took a couple of quick photos of ourselves 

The wife put on a pretty fake smile

Me on the other hand, well I was not happy and it showed.

The menu looked good and had reasonable prices and to our surprise the food came right out... well SURPRISE was right (kind of like the new guy dropping the soap in the shower at prison)

The shrimp were raw and the fries were more grease than potato. Wow, what a disappointment. 

Before ending this I would like to say, everyone has a bad day, except for the dust, maybe it was just that... A BAD DAY!!!

Till next time
Big Al


Anonymous said...

Better luck next time

Webster World said...

Thats too bad.

Webster World said...

Thats too bad.

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