Friday, September 27, 2013

This is just too good not to share…

Some of you may or may not know for the last month or so I have been doing battle with what I have been told a tumor the size of a grapefruit growing on my right thyroid in my neck.

Well last week I had to have a biopsy done (where they stabbed me with 5 needles in my neck) to check to make sure it was not cancer. Good news, doctor gave me the results yesterday…NO CANCER!!! The tumor still has to be removed as it is crushing some veins in my neck blocking the blood flow to my brain.

Ok now I’m getting to the good part…the doctor just put me on some medicine (shot a day to the stomach…ouch) I was just reading the side effects…see # 1 in yellow…hmmm

Seems crazy to me to get on a drug that the # 1 side effect is the condition you are trying to cure…DOCTORS!!!

I guess there comes a point, do doctors really know best?????

Till next time Big Al


mq01 said...

big al! so glad its not the Big C!

imho, in the USA, it is a sick care system. not a health care system. if you know what i mean...

good to see you! be well!!!!!!!!

Dewese Milstead said...

How are ya doing since the tumor scare? Hope you are better.

Reike said...

oh God,
that's bad news, hope you always better

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