Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Motorcycle Magazine Review…

Pinky’s Motorcycle Passion Magazine…

got my copy of the premier issue a couple of days ago. Got to admit I was wondering what kind of magazine could what appears to be an average Joe (I guess in this case a Jolene. Ha-ha) publish?

I got to say, a damn fine one…nice job.

Ok let me back up a second…I met Pinky (Mary Baker) a few years ago online, she wrote for her blog
, I also have a blog with BlogSpot (your looking at it now), so we would give each other a thumbs up comment on different blog posts from time to time on each others blog. Then the years went by as they always do, Pinky moved on to her new web site…

I was impressed with her new site; it started to inspire me to get my own .COM web site (and I did last night but that’s a whole other story…soon to come) then she announce she was starting her own magazine (a secret dream of mine for a long time now) I sent my five dollars by Pay Pal to get my copy of the premier issue and waited, checking my mail box daily. I got to admit I questioned it myself just what kind of mag would I be getting in the mail…

honestly I was expecting a few pieces of paper stuck together with a few staples. Man was I wrong.

I was amazed at the quality, tech reviews, local hangouts, where to eat, and color photos to boot.
BUT Big Al, it's called PINKY’S Motorcycle Passion, why would you, being a big burly GUY be reading a CHICK Magazine? Because I want to explore my feminine side?

No, NO!!! Nothing like that, this mag is for everyone who likes riding bikes and has a passion for them. I think Pinky did a real fine job on her first issue covering all the basis, a woman’s point of view as well as the men.

Ok in closing…what do I really think of the magazine?  Man does it have potential, this mag has Good written all over it. I can't say how much I enjoyed it and am looking forward to issue 2, 3, 4…. Will I buy another copy? HECK YEA!!! And you should to, you won’t be disappointed. Order your copy here BUY IT HERE!!!

Nice job Pinky, I can honestly say keep up the good work and some day you will be competing with the top dog (heavily sponsored, I might add) biker magazines for the top spot. As for now with an issue price of 5 dollars…your mag is a steal. GOOD JOB!!!

Till next time
Big Al


Anonymous said...

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Pinky said...
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Pinky said...

Thanks Big Al. You made me blush; really that was a raving review.

Pinky said...
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