Monday, May 18, 2009

Where are the motorcycles???

Where are the motorcycles, this is a question I keep asking myself every day as I ride my bike to work. Everyday I pull up on my bike and scan the parking lot…never do I see a single bike. What gives??? I know that there are several people that work in my building that own them, but for some reason they never (and I mean never) ride them. I’ve been riding my bike to work now for around 8 months and in that time I have only seen four bikes at work…each bike I have only seen at the office one time each, in 8 months.

Another guy stopped by my office about a week ago he drives a Harley; he was in his company truck at the time…he works for the same company but in a different building about a mile down the road. After seeing my helmet on my desk he asked if that was my bike outside…then of course we started talking about motorcycles. During our talk I asked him if he drove his bike to work are not. His answer was NO, that one; it was too much trouble and two; that he did not like putting the extra miles on the bike, due to the expense of oil changes.

Am I the only one out there that likes to ride everyday??? I have to admit I have a 30% rule…every morning I get up I check
and if there is more than 30% chance of rain I’m taking my truck to work. If it’s fewer than 30% I’m on my bike and heading to work. Cold weather does not bother me much but truth is I live where there are very rarely days under low 30’s and almost never any snow.
I guess my question to everyone is…do you ride your bike everyday or do you hold off ridding for that perfect sunny day??? I’m beginning to think I’m the odd one here; maybe motorcycles are just for weekends…Hmm???

COME ON PEOPLE, IT'S GETTING NICE OUTSIDE...DON'T BE A DAN!!! (see youtube link above)

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FAA Announcement

In the wake of the recent Hudson River incident, the FAA is implementing new anti-bird measures for all airliners.

Thanks for the Email...Sue

Saturday, May 9, 2009

90 Day Body Experiment

Time to try something new…I’m getting kind of bored with life again. No, no everything is alright it’s just…that’s it…it’s just alright, time for a change again. I find myself falling back into some really bad habits again (food related) to much fast foods, diet drinks, and just bad eating in general. So far so good on my blood sugar, it is still staying under 120 (it was 111 this morning) on the most part (I still check it daily) and I am still off all medication. I decided I needed a good push to try and get myself out of this rut. I would love to see my blood sugar under 100 without meds. (That’s my goal)

Starting Saturday May 9, 2009 through Thursday August 6, 2009 (90 DAYS) I am going to try and clean my system out, by following a super strict diet, killing myself in the gym and around the house. Then as a gauge of my success, Monday I am going to make an appointment with my doctor to have full blood work done around the ending date to see how I did. I’ll post the results once I’m done.

First step, cut out ALL soft drinks (diet too) and coffee, next is the biggie…no fast food. I know your asking yourself why no diet drinks and no healthy foods that you can now get at most fast food places…grilled chicken, salads and fruit. It's my belief that diet drinks are gateway drugs (yea I consider food a drug) as well as stopping by fast food places to get a salad. Here is an example; you stop by your local fast food place to get a salad with low-fat dressing and a diet coke. It’s good,but the next time you go, you decided I bet it would taste better with regular dressing…then the next time you add an order of fries and a real coke and so on and so on…well you get my point.
I plan on keeping my diet simple, everything grilled or raw, chicken, fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread (9 grain) and protein powder (six to eight meals a day) more on the diet in later post. Wish me luck I’m going to need it…ha-ha.

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